Chamae is a musician/DJ who mix styles of electronica, deep house, melodic techno, experimental and downbeat with nice guitar riffs, warm house beats and melancholic sound. Born in the small Croatian town of Varaždin in 1990, Chamae fell in love with electronic music at a young age, inspired by the rapidly expanding dance music scene and the desire to move people to dance on podiums around the world. Chamae pursued this passion. He learned how to play guitar in music school, but he didn’t stop there; learning about the elements of music making motivated him to reach farther.

Chamae’s interests extend beyond the real of music, however he considers himself primarily a professional musician and electronic music fan. Chamae has had extensive experience organizing events, concerts, and parties, and has also authored DJ equipment reviews. Along with his team of friends and colleagues, he stands behind several successful projects recognized both in Croatia and globally. He is one of the founders of Imput, an organizing that is responsible for the first “multimedia party” known as the Imput Festival. Along with a valuable production team, Chamae also organizes the party stage at Špancirfest, the largest music festival in Croatia. He is a president of Burek music organization, furthermore he is also a member of several associations that promote electronic music. He also started his new international project – Hello! (Concert Club Night).

“DJs and musicians are constantly undergoing various changes in style and always finding themselves. No matter how hard you try to stick to some of our particular style, everything continues to change, and so as musicians we must adapt accordingly. If you’re able to tell a good story using various musical styles, people will appreciate it as something interesting and worth listening to.”

Chamae has entered the world stage of music production with first EP – Loveless, released on Balkan Connection South America record label. From the year 2016., he is a member of Magnetik music label family.